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After working several years in the hospitality and tourism industry and have various functions, I created my own vision and I like to share it with passion and pleasure. Because Foodinista loves discovering new restaurants, visiting events, travelling around the world and experiencing local hospitality or just sit at the couch and watching cooking shows on tv or cook in her own kitchen. Don´t just forget shopping on the internet for the best gifts and kitchen supplies.

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Foodinista is my vision on food, lifestyle, hospitality and everything what it involves. Food should be fun and tasty, but preferably easy to prepare. The recipes are also easy to replicate even though the recipes that require little longer to prepare.

We do not always cook our selfs so the best and latest hotspots can be found at Foodinista not only in the Netherlands while Foodinista loves to travel the world and explore differend cultures. Eat while you have fun and explore!

Are you a homecook then the best musthaves make it more fun to make the most beautiful and finest dishes. Like cookbooks and must haves for the kitchen. We love them as well! And do you love to go out for dinner or a drink then a little dress to impress your night can´t go wrong. Foodinista discovers the newest kitchen, food and lifestyle trends.

Furthermore, I am very openminded and I am open to new food experiences and I’ll be happy to get in touch!

I spot all eating like a true fashionista, and the name Foodinista was quickly found, the Food and lifestyle Magazine is a fact.

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